Ehtha Oc2
Ehtha looking far away2
Ehtha on mission

Welcome to the Ehtha WikiaEdit

Ehtha is an Oc xD

Describe your topicEdit

Ehtha is an Oc. She was made base on The creator looks and personality in real life. Hope you guys like it. Please help

support by just liking the art and fan art lol. Thank you.

Ehtha and Sakura
Ehtha with Sasuke outfit

Latest activityEdit

Ehtha and Zoro
Ehtha and Itachi cooking2
Ehtha and Akatsuki members at a meeting
Ehtha Doing the Dab3
Ehtha fighting
Ehtha, Pla, Ghost and angry Haru
Ehtha relaxing
Ehtha and friendss

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Tokage, Haru, Ehtha and Goma

My friends: Tokage, Haru and Goma. I'm the Akatsuki with black hair and a bun lol.

Ehtha showing Haru Sexy Jutsu xD

Ehtha showing Haru Sexy Jutsu

Ehtha as soilder

Ehtha Hetalia Oc

Ehtha and Itachi

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